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     Grey Wolf  is the first in what I hope to be a series of novels chronicling the most historically significant U-boat patrols of the Second World War.  I first intended to write a history book when I started this project, but decided a novel might be more interesting to a broader group of readers. I wrote it from the German perspective so the reader can garner some sense of what it was like to serve on a diesel-electric submarine with the most experienced submarine force of the time. It is also intended to illustrate that the men who went to sea in these "Iron Coffins" were professional sailors and officers who fought more for their Homeland, and each other, than for the Ideology of their government.

     Grey Wolf  is based on an actual U-boat patrol in August and September of 1939. During this voyage U-29, under the command of   Kapit√§nleutnant Otto Schuhart, sank four ships. The last ship sunk was HMS Courageous, a British aircraft carrier of over 22,000 tons displacement. Why was this so significant? Because it was the Aircraft that would become the bane of the U-boats. After Schuhart sank Courageous, the Admiralty pulled their remaining fleet carriers from anti-submarine warfare duties for four years!

     The resulting lack of capability for the Royal Navy to provide air-reconnaissance escort to convoys transiting the Atlantic Ocean contributed greatly to a period of successes the U-boat men would refer to as: The Happy Time.

     Grey Wolf takes the reader inside the first weeks of World War Two as the Boat and its Crew are readied for the coming struggle. Follow as the officers and men combat  bureaucrats, weather, constant assaults on the senses,  rapidly deteriorating food stores, malfunctioning weapons, their own fears and a determined foe, all while using everything in their power to survive their mission and return home.  

About the author:

     David Huffman is an avid student of military history and has spent the last several years researching the U-boat Campaigns of both the First and Second World Wars. He has also extensively studied the History of Warfare throughout the ages, along with that of Aviation and various other fields of study concerning Man's past.

      David is a veteran of the United States Army and comes from a long line of servicemen, most of whom are combat veterans. He lives in Florida and is a commercial pilot. His career has taken him to the far corners of the Globe and continues to be a source of enlightenment and perspective. He is married, and has a daughter and  step-son. 


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      Military Writers Society of America.                          


Grey Wolf A Novel In History received an Honorable Mention in the Historical Fiction genre for 2010 from MWSA!


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Grey Wolf won second place in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award as a Quarterfinalist! 

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