Hi Everyone. Below are three reviews GW received during the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition. I would like to thank the three reviewers for their kind remarks.

Bruce D. Aiken:


I have read many books on naval history especially in the Pacific theater during the WWII era including "Pig Boats", books on Pearl Harbor and many of the operations that involved U-boats. This book is an excellent read. It flows well, the characters are well developed, and although it is fictional, it is quit believable. It is hoped that the author writes more sequels to Grey Wolf.



Stephen Hammond:


A friend tipped me off to this book; I don't usually read books on military history. However, I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the author's artful combination of fact and fiction. The level of detail makes it evident that the author has done extensive research on the subject, but it's his descriptive use of characters and their relationships that make this book such a great read! I hope a sequel is in the works!



Clu Gallagher:


I actually read this excerpt shortly after they were all posted as quarter-finalists. For some reason, the review did not go through. I am glad that I followed up on it because Grey Wolf is worth a second look. I particularly liked the idea of portraying the two officers (enemies). My own entry also uses the same idea, portraying a German woman during WWII. The author is very skilled in writing and the excerpt is an excellent demonstration of his writing abilities. I am by no means an expert on naval warfare, but I became involved in the scenes from the start. I enjoyed the fact that the descriptions include the officers' personal lives. I could find little to fault with the excerpt except that I would have liked to have learned something about the plot so that it would not appear to be just another "war story". However, my imagination ran with the imagery presented and I looked forward to turning each page...saddened when the last page appeared. Very nicely executed writing! I will look forward to reading a conclusion. I have a particular fondness for Historical Fiction, in particular topics centering on the two WW's. This one was right up my alley, so to speak. Good luck with it!